Equipment, Parts and Servicing
Demetriades Rentals is the country’s leading machinery rental company with the largest fleet of industrial equipment available, including forklifts, access platform, compressors, generators and construction machinery.
No matter your rental requirements, Demetriades Rentals is able to provide you with a wide selection of rental equipment backed by island-wide maintenance and service packages so as to ensure quick delivery and consistent uninterrupted performance.
Our customer-centric support team is comprised of fifteen highly trained engineers who are dedicated to customer service excellence.  They are readily available to attend to your queries and will continually provide you with the support you require to meet your business objectives and needs.
We also have an in-house innovative workshop that is fully capable of undertaking major repairs and servicing.
Financing and Agreements
So as to avoid the outlay of large capital purchases and associated maintenance costs, Demetriades Rentals is committed to offering clients flexible and cost-effective rental solutions that can be tailored to suit short or long term requirements, seasonal fluctuations, emergencies or special projects.
Our long term agreements have been formulated with you in mind and are designed to meet the challenges that arise as your business grows:
  • No capital outlay
  • Leaves existing lines of credit intact and preserves working capital for other commercial investment
  • Payments can be spread over the life of the asset, reflecting both usage of the equipment and profits generated, or savings made
  • All lease payments are 100% tax allowable
  • A full maintenance and service package is included that protects the customer from unexpected repair and parts costs
  • No down time. In case of a breakdown which involves extensive repair, substitute or loan equipment is supplied free of charge
  •  Flexibility in choice of equipment specifications based on the need of the each project
Our short terms agreements offer the following incentives to meet your growing business needs:
  • Large inventory of over 250 access platforms
  • Ideal for construction, maintenance and all high – level work needs
  • Quick delivery to any location
  • Very competitive rates
  • Engine Overhaul

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