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        Material Handling Equipment

        Material handling equipmentΒ is the equipment that allows us to load, move and unload materials.This process, however, must be done in the safest and most economical way. Depending on the weight, volume and movement of material they can be used different forklifts and other related equipments.
        It offers material handling equipment and accessories for every type of industrial and commercial application. Whether your requirement is for general purpose counterbalance trucks, warehousing trucks, order picking equipment, very narrow aisle systems or container handling.
        Stocks a full range of accessories and attachments which are available and suitable for all makes and ranges of machinery. Demetriades Handling has the materials handling solution to match the specification to your requirements.
        • Special sizes upon request.
        • Tailor – made solutions according to your needs. Material handling equipment with high quality and durable steel construction.
        • Quality – value for money. Most of the products / items are exstock
        • High number of spare parts for all products
        • Material Handling equipment that is simple and easy to use
        • Capability of choices between a great variety of models
        Demetriades Handling provides handling equipment that is cost effective and satisfies every need or application of different industries.

        Featured Products

        Hand Pallet Trucks
        • Hand Pallet Trucks

        LINDE Hand Pallet Truck L14 – L16 R

        The L14 – L16 R pallet stackers can achieve lifting heights of up to 5,316 millimeters. Thanks to the optional

        LINDE Hand Pallet Truck M 25

        The pallet lift truck M25 has a rugged construction and will not bend under heavy loads. Its steel chassis can

        LINDE Hand Pallet Truck M25 Scale+

        The pallet lift truck M25 Scale+ has a scale system with a tolerance of only 500 g. This means users

        PRAMAC GS 25S4

        • Capacity : 2500 kg
        • Fork Length: 1150 mm
        • Fork Spread: 525 mm
        • Weight: 63 Kg
        Electric Pallet Trucks
        • Electric Pallet Trucks

        LINDE Electric Pallet Stacker L12 – L14 AP/SP, D12 – D14 AP/SP

        The electric double stackers L12 – L14 AP/SP, D12 – D14 AP/SP are very flexible for storing and removing goods,

        LINDE Electric Pallet Stacker L14 – L20

        The L14 – L20 pedestrian pallet stackers enable increasing handling performance with the powerful 2.3 kW three-phase motors and high

        PRAMAC Agile Plus 12S4

        • Capacity : 1200 kg
        • Fork Length: 1150 mm
        • Fork Spread: 525 mm
        • Battery: Li - ION battery 36V, 12.8 Ah incl. Charger