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Tow Tractor P60

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Below are the technical specs for the Tow Tractor P60:
Sustained performance
Due to its automotive layout the P60 tractor can be operated with minimum training. The rounded profile chassis, the spacious footwell with anti-slip bottom mat, an ergonomically designed working with integrated storage for documents and writing equipment plus a beverage holder. These are just some of the features designed to enhance operator performance. The operator is well protected within the chassis profile.
Unity of man and machine
  • The low profile chassis provides good all-round visibility and low step entry and exit.
  • As an option canopy or full cabin is available for all-weather protection.
  • An intelligent control layout and the spacious footwell provide an ideal working environment.
  • The special spring-mounted drive axle guarantees smooth working even during continuous operation.
  • An area for documents, etc. and a beverage holder provide practical features for the driver.
Linde tow tractors undertake the most difficult tasks with great efficiency.
  • Designed using the Finite Element Method ensures maximum structural integrity and durability.
  • The base chassis is made of extremely strong, profiled steel plate on which is mounted the operator’s module which consists of a very robust plastic moulding.
  • Balanced wheel suspension of all wheels ensures a comfortable and stable ride.
Maximum tractive effort using minimum power
  • The powerful 24-V or 48-V electric motors with shunt technology have electronic control for smooth high performance.
  • Energy is retrieved via the regenerative electric braking system.
  • The battery can be changed very easily as the entire operators module can be tilted.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • The computer-controlled fault-finding system and specially trained service engineers provide professional back-up.
  • The good service accessibility including the tiltable cabin, reduces service intervals.
A compact shape with modern design
In spite of a nominal towing capacity of up to 6 tons, the P60 Z has all requirements for high mobility and good manoeuvrability:
  • 3 wheel configuration with a short wheelbase.
  • Only little operating strength is needed due to a smooth steering system.