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Tow Tractor P30 / P50

We have a large variety of Tow Tractors. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Tow Tractor P30 / P50:
Small tractors - big performance
These small, pedestrian/stand-on tow tractors are ideal for working in confined areas and for multiple load transfer over medium distances. In spite of their compact size they pack a powerful performance of up to 5.0 t towing capacity.
Operator and machine in harmony
  • All controls for driving are combined in the Linde tiller arms with integrated hand protection.
  • The compact construction and the high pivot point of the tiller provide optimal manoeuvrability.
  • The rounded chassis with the drive and castor wheels located within the chassis profile provide additional operator protection.
The Linde P30 tows loads of up to 3 tons:
Linde P30 - tiller controlled to go with electric tow tractor.
  • Economic by LindeDigitalControl (LDC).
  • "Booster effect" for momentary augmented motor capacity.
  • Serviceable construction.
  • The product is based on the LindeModularConcept (LMC).
The Linde P50 tows up to 5 tons
The Linde electric tow tractor P50 - tiller controlled and pedestrian operated.
  • Powerful by high-performance motor.
  • Automatic motor brake LBC (Linde Brake Control).
  • Optional hydraulic tow coupling with lifting function.
  • The product is based on the "LindeModularConcept" (LMC).
Optimum efficiency for optimum performance.
  • The energy efficient LindeDigitalControl coordinates the performance parameters of the truck to match the application.
  • A selection of battery capacities is available to suit single and multi-shift work.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Linde provides a rapid response and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • The construction of the equipment facilitates easy service access which together with the use of quality original parts ensures durable reliability and reduced operating costs.