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Order Picker N20V / N20Vi

We have a large variety of Order Pickers. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Order Picker N20V / N20Vi:
The gateway to efficient order-picking
These models are designed for vertical order picking on two levels where more frequent picking is required from the second level. The N20 V has forks welded to a rising operator’s platform and allows direct access to pallet on the forks while picking at the second level. The N20 Vi has a rising platform only, while the forks have an initial lift of 125 mm to allow the horizontal transfer of picked loads.
Efficient utilisation of equipment
  • The outstanding ergonomics of these models, are specifically designed for the picking order cycle to enable highly efficient picking rates to be achieved
  • This in turn leads to significant cost savings.
  • With our specialised software system LOGIS your Linde adviser can determine the most cost effective and efficient picking solution for your business.
Efficient energy control for maximum work throughput
  • LindeDigitalControl coordinates the performance parameters of your truck in the most cost effective and efficient ratios for the specific requirements of your business. The trucks are available with a wide selection of battery capacities.
  • Easy access to the batteries ensures rapid battery checking and changing can be achieved.
Effective order picking by design
Linde order pickers are designed to optimize the entire order-picking cycle - including preparation, order-picking and final operations - so that high pick rates can be achieved without operator fatigue.
  • The Linde workstation is located directly adjacent to the forks, thus providing route savings up to 1.5 km per day.
  • The picking list is always in view of the operator for route saving and fatigue free picking - a guarantee for lower error ratio.
Be ahead at the start
  • A wide and low access with integrated automatic vigilance device facilitates getting on and off the N20 V / N20 Vi.
  • The self centring Linde steering wheel guarantees for safety and operator convenience.
Effective functioning with optimized vehicles
  • The version Vi has initial lift of the forks to provide more ground clearance when negotiating, ramps, gradients and ground undulations.
  • Different fork lift types are available until 2,000 kg load capacity.
Safety naturally comes as standard
Linde trucks are designed for safe, high performance, as the safety of the operator personnel is of paramount importance.
  • Three independent braking systems prevent from uncontrolled movements of any kind.
  • The low chassis skirt protects the operator from foot injuries.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Linde provides rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • The construction of the equipment facilitates easy access for service and high quality original parts minimise service intervals and reduce service costs.
  • Consumable parts can be replaced quickly and easily due to the modular construction of the trucks.
  • The life of the mechanical parts is extended using bearings with permanent lubrication.