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Reach Truck R25F

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Below are the technical specs for the Reach Truck R25F:
Lengthwise or transverse - no problem for R25 F (2.5 t)
The R25 F is ideal for handling conventional or long loads of every type, in narrow environments. The R25 F can travel in normal and in forward reverse directions as well as sideways by rotating the load and steer wheels.
Multi-purpose use in all directions.
  • Intelligent ergonomics with adjustable steering column and an optimized workstation provide the operator with a stress-free environment and precision control.
  • Impressive performance via powerful traction and lift motors.
  • Safe load handling is assured through the trucks inherent-stability and three independent braking systems.
  • Utilization of the storage area is optimised due to the trucks ability to travel in any one of four directions.
Man and machine in harmony
  • Due to the clearly arranged control functions, the spacious driver compartment offers a perfect workspace to the driver.
  • The tiltable steering column provides steering comfort with its individual adjustability.
  • The view optimized and tiltable clear-view mast provides optimized visibility with fatigue free operation.
Safety enhances performance
  • High performance can only be achieved when it is coupled with totally safe operation.
  • The outstanding ergonomics of the Linde Active reach trucks provide a strain and stress-free environment for the operator for optimum concentration on the job in hand.
  • Three independent brake systems and electric steering, provide precision control.
  • The innovative concept of masts provides good visibility with maximum stability at all heights.

Intelligent power is controlled power

  • The advanced and powerful Active-drive concept provides control of all hydraulic and driving functions interface with LindeDigitalControl.
  • For smooth efficiency Traction speeds of up to 12.5 km/h and rapid acceleration.
  • Combine with a choice of battery capacities ranging from 360 to 700 Ah to maximise up-time and utilisation.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network that covers all regions.
  • The diagnostic fault-finding system and factory trained service engineers provide highly efficient support.
  • Good service access reduces service intervals to a minimum
  • The regenerative braking system minimises wear on the conventional brakes for extended up-time.