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Reach Truck R14 – R20 Active

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Below are the technical specs for the Reach Truck R14 – R20 Active:
Innovation + Ergonomics = Productivity
The development of the Active-Reach Trucks range is the result of Linde's unique success formula: Innovative concepts interfaced with ergonomic principles that provide a solution, satisfying both the purchaser’s and the operator's needs.
Built to perform
  • Outstanding ergonomics incorporating finger-tip LindeLoadControl, Linde twin accelerator pedals and a superb operators work station.
  • Rapid acceleration, speed and smooth control with LindeDigitalControl and the powerful Active-drive system
  • Safety is assured during intensive work cycles due to the clear-view mast and three independent braking systems.
Unity of man and machine
  • The spacious operator’s compartment creates the ideal working environment due to the comfort seat with lumbar support and the functional layout of the controls.
  • Every operator can find the ideal individual working posture with Linde twin pedal and LindeLoadControl
  • The 180° or 360° The unique Linde-Rheological- electric steering provides effortless manoeuvering.
  • The operator is able to function in a stress free environment with impressive efficiency.
Good visibility, stability and high residuals at maximum lift are ensured by the innovative triplex mast configuration.
The Linde mast concept provides safe and sensitive handling of heavy loads to all lifting heights by:
  • A vertically mounted fixed mast with integrated sideshift and hydraulic fork tilt
  • A good view of the load is always maintained.
  • The mast is fully cushioned to smooth all lift and lower movements.
Safety enhances performance
High performance is essential, and is enhanced by having safety as an overiding priority.
  • The ergonomics of the Linde reach trucks eliminates stresses and strains on the operator thus contributing to safer more efficient working.
  • Three independent braking systems and the electric rheological steering system provide precision control in all conditions.
  • The clear-view mast concept provides good visibility for the operator at all lift heights, as well as being very stable.
Intelligent power is controlled power
  • Working with advanced control technology, the powerful Active-drive system provides impressive performance and LindeDigitalControl delivers a seamless power transfer.
  • Rapid acceleration and a top speed of 12.5 km/h deliver unbeatable productivity.
  • The comprehensive choice of batteries ranging from 360 to 700 Ah ensures compatibility with the demands of your handling business.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • The diagnostic fault-finding system and specially trained service engineers provide optimum service support.
  • Easy access to all serviceable parts keeps service intervals to a minimum.
  • The electronic brake system not only minimizes the wear of the brake linings but also extends the operating life.
  • Up-time between services of up to 1,000 operation hours sets the industry standard.
Customised solutions
  • Integrated cold store cabs, narrow and wide chassis, drive-in rack versions.
  • Height preselectors and indicators.
  • Data transmission.
  • Video equipment.
  • Pit-stop battery roller changing are just a few of the options available.