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Diesel Forklift Truck H50 / H80

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Below are the technical specs for the Diesel Forklift Truck H50 / H80:
Perfect control and stability: Linde H50-H80
When the going gets tough, this truck is in its element. With effortless power this versatile range transfers bulk loads of up to 8 tons. With the high dynamic forces created by heavy loads safety is paramount. The Linde torsion support system with the tilt cylinders mounted on top of the overhead guard absorbs these forces and results in extremely stable load handling sequences.
Safely absorbs dynamic forces generated by heavy, bulky loads on forks or attachments.
  • When lifting heavy, bulky loads, e.g., with attachments, enormous dynamic forces develop which act on the entire truck.
  • The Linde Torsion Support system mounted on top of the overhead guard effectively absorbs these forces.
  • This also minimises stress and wear on the chassis and mast frame.
  • The excellent tilt leverage achieved by this system enhances safety and results in higher residual capacities at maximum lift.
Safety enhances performance
  • The Linde hydrostatic transmission provides smooth progressive braking for safer more efficient load handling.
  • Hydrostatic power steering ensures controlled manoeuvrability and an automatic parking brake i an additional safety feature.
  • The steer axle is mounted to give a low centre of gravity for optimum stability achieved
  • Good visibility is assured by the innovative clear-view mast design.
  • The extremely robust overhead guard gives reassuring protection to the operator.
Man and machine in harmony
  • Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin pedals and the Linde Central Control, lever create a fatigue-free working environment.
  • The intuitive handling without having to change position on the steering wheel or alter the position of the feet enables the operator to concentrate on the job in hand.
  • With the Linde Central Control lever the operator has precision control of all mast functions, the engine speed is automatically adjusted to the required performance.
  • Reducing emissions, for a stress-free environment.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • Good service access reduces service intervals.
  • The Linde hydrostatic transmission has no wear-intensive parts such as clutch, brakes, or gears, and none of the costs or down-time associated with these parts.
Made for productive performance
  • The excellent ergonomics incorporating Linde Central Control lever, and the Linde twin accelerator pedal system provides a stress-free environment for the operator who can then achieve high levels of efficiency.
  • The Linde hydrostatic system delivers rapid acceleration and versatile manoeuvrability for fast handling cycles.
  • Safe handling is assured by all round visibility, the clear-view mast and the trucks inherent stability.
Be cool and calculating!
  • Comparing costs requires consideration of both investment and operational costs:
  • Due to the outstanding ergonomics and Linde hydrostatic transmission, the operator can achieve a higher performance.
  • This in turn leads to reduced operating costs and higher productivity.
  • The unequalled quality standards of the Linde trucks provides assured reliability, reduced service intervals, lower operating costs and higher residual values.
Linde-quality for precision, performance and durability
  • The design and construction using the Finite Element Method ensures optimum structural integrity and durability.
  • The enclosed chassis protects key components and absorbs sound emissions.
  • Low-maintenance Linde hydrostatics mean that these trucks can operate for up to 20,000 hours with no significant wear.