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Electric Forklift Truck E20 / E30

We have a large variety of Electric Forklift Trucks. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Electric Forklift Truck E20 / E30:
Highly productive design - multi-purpose flexibility
The "Big Brother" of the 335 series. Equipped with powerful 80-volt technology and smooth LindeLoadControl, this range undertakes intensive tasks with impressive efficiency. Its small turning circle ensures excellent manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.
You may choose the high version with the largest capacity battery and 600 mm load centres or the lower profile version with medium capacity batteries and 500 mm load centres, both have service-friendly, fully tilting operators compartments and the ability to handle 8' 6" ISO containers in standard specification.
Be cool and calculating!
Comparing costs requires consideration of investment.
  • Due to the outstanding ergonomics and the impressive capability of these Linde trucks the operator can achieve higher productivity.
  • This results in lower personnel and operating costs.
  • The unrivalled quality standards of Linde forklifts ensures consistent reliability, reduces service requirements, increases up-time utilisation and eventually results in a higher residual re-sale value.
Made for impressive performance
  • The functional ergonomics which incorporate finger-tip LindeLoadControl, Linde twin accelerator pedals and full suspension seating provide assured, stress free operation of the equipment with sustained high efficiency levels from man and machine
  • Rapid acceleration combined with LindeDigitalControl plus excellent manoeuvrability and stability due to the patented Linde combi axle, result in minimum turnaround times.
  • Safety is assured with an excellent panoramic visibility due to optimized narrow mast profiles, smooth effective brakes and optimum stability.
Man and machine in harmony
  • Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin accelerator pedals and LindeLoadControl make driving a pleasure strain.
  • The finger-tip LindeLoadControl system, integrated in the individually adjustable armrest, provides precision control of all mast movements.
  • The intuitive handling without having to change the hand position on the steering wheel or alter the positioning of the feet, enables the operator to concentrate on the essentials.
  • This results in seamless handling sequences with high productivity and in complete safety.
Seeing clear and save
  • Linde Panorama Forklift Trucks E25 and E30. Innovating driving in reverse - greater safety due to better view backward and relaxed driving position:
  • The driver's movements even when reversing are ergonomically correct and do not cause undue stress or fatigue, thus increasing concentration.
  • As the driver's seat can be pivoted 45° the rearward visibility increases considerably.
Safety enhances performance
  • The outstanding ergonomics of the Linde forklifts enables the operator to fully concentrate on the task in hand without distractions.
  • Three independent braking systems, together with hydrostatic power steering gives the operator give the operator assured control at all times.
  • The unique combi steer axle provides excellent manoeuvrability combined with optimum stability.
  • The innovative concept of the mast design gives the operator a clear view to the forks and load.
The Linde E14-E30/600 range has a fully pivoting driver's compartment
  • The pivoting driver's compartment enables easy, rapid battery changing or checking from either side.
  • Easy service access is also assured with this feature.
  • The energy efficient LindeDigitalControl and regenerative electric braking system result in an increased number of work cycles from each battery charge.
  • All these features reduce operating costs and increase uptime.
Linde is a reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a comprehensive local service network that covers all regions.
  • A software based diagnostic system and skilled service technicians especially trained on electric forklifts offer professional service and maintenance.
  • The pivoting driver's compartment enables easy access to key components for minimum downtime.
  • The electric braking system minimises wear on the conventional brakes and increases uptime.
Linde forklift now also available with AC-drive
  • Linde now offers the models E25-E30 besides of the familiar shunt-technology as AC-drive versions to meet individual customer requirements even better. While the advantages of the shunt-technology drive lie within its precise steering, the AC-drive provides additional propulsive power predestining it for performance-oriented use.
  • Another advantage of the AC-drive is the fact, that besides the steering, the whole engine is encapsulated, and thus protected from dirt and humidity.