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Tow Tractor P250 / W20

We have a large variety of Tow Tractors. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Tow Tractor P250 / W20:
Quiet and effective - Linde TrACtive
The electric tow tractor P250 with AC drive TrACtive has a nominal towing capacity of up to 25 t and the platform truck W20 TrACtive carries a 2 t of load. They were design from results thorough understanding of the tow tractor working environments. The performance is convincing, whether on even ground or gradients, in rain, snow or sunshine: 
Linde tow tractors are durable and reliable.
Count on Linde
  • Due to the outstanding ergonomics and impressive performance capability the operator is able to achieve high productivity ratios.
  • This in turn leads to reduced personnel and operating costs.
  • Unequalled Linde quality standards increase reliability during continuous use.
A rapid return on your investment is therefore assured.
Unity of man and machine
  • The spacious and user-friendly design of the cabin with the low-profile console guarantees not only good all-round visibility but also high comfort and fatigue-free working for the driver.
  • The spring-mounted comfort seat with lumbar support in combination with the cabin separated from the chassis by the hydraulic spring suspension results in a focused, motivated driver able to work efficiently in the toughest of applications.
Linde tow tractors execute tough tasks efficiently and reliably
  • Designed using the Finite Element Method ensures maximum structural integrity and durability.
  • The rugged enclosed chassis protects key components.
  • These low-maintenance tractors work in all weathers.
Maximum towing power with minimum effort
  • The powerful Active- AC concept with AC-drive delivers impressive high performance via the advanced Linde AC controller technology Linde Digital Control
  • Smooth, energy efficient work cycles are achieved with this system
  • Regenerative braking also extends the operating times per battery charge, for increased productivity.
Safety enhances performance
  • High performance must naturally be accompanied by the highest levels of safety.
  • The outstanding ergonomics of Linde tow tractors removes the stresses and strains from the driver and thus enables him to concentrate safely and efficiently on the task in hand.
  • Three independent brake systems including hydraulically actuacted brakes acting on all four wheels guarantee maximum control in all situations.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Rapid response and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • The diagnostic fault-finding system and factory trained service engineers provide professional back-up.
  • Good accessibility for service keeps service intervals to a minimum.
  • The maintenance-free drive- and steering motors help to extend the operational life.
The platform tractor of choice for many applications
With a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons.
Linde electric platform tractors W20 TrACtive with two optional lengths of the platform and wheelbases. 
For internal or external transportation of goods, boxes or pallets, the W20 TrACtive is the ideal partner for trade and industry.
A powerful offer
Linde electric industrial tow tractors P250 TrACtive.
The impressive performance and high efficiency of the P250 TrACtive can be applied to a wide spectrum of applications. Its high productivity is reflected in the innovative and ergonomically designed comfort cabin and the following advantages:
  • Various tow bars (1 or 3 positions), automatic coupling systems, front- or rear towing mechanisms
  • Cut-out platform and remote-inching for easier coupling of non standard trailers.