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Diesel Forklift Truck H12 / H20

We have a large variety of Diesel Forklift Trucks. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Diesel Forklift Truck H12 / H20:
Small truck - big performance: The Linde H12-H20
Compact and agile, powerful and precise. 
The Linde H12-H20 efficiently fulfils its multi-purpose role in every type of commercial and industrial application both inside and outside.
Be cool and calculating!
Comparing costs requires consideration of both investment and operating costs:
  • Due to the outstanding ergonomics and impressive capability of Linde hydrostatics, the operator can achieve higher productivity.
  • Improved performance means lower operating costs and faster work throughput.
  • The unequalled Linde quality standards lead to increased reliability, reduced service intervals, more up-time and eventual higher resale values.
Made for impressive performance
  • The superb ergonomics incorporating LindeLoadControl and the unique twin pedal system provides a stress-free working environment resulting in a motivated, highly efficient operator.
  • Rapid acceleration, smooth braking and reversing and flexibility via the Linde hydrostatics, delivers fast cycle times.
  • Safe load handling is assured by excellent all round visibility, clear view masts, smooth hydrostatic braking and the inherent stability of the truck design.
Linde - a reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network that covers all regions.
  • Good accessibility to all servicable parts reduces down-time to a minimum.
  • The Linde hydrostatic drive has no wear-intensive parts such as clutch, brakes, or gears, and none of the associated wear and costs associated with these components.
Man and machine in harmony
  • Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin pedals and Linde central control levers create a superb fatigue-free working environment.
  • The intuitive layout of all the controls and pedals enables the operator to fully focus on the job in hand.
  • The central control levers give the operator smooth and precise control of all hydraulic functions and the engine speed is automatically adjusted to the required performance.
  • This unique system minimises the demands on the operator, extends engine life, saves fuel and increases productivity.


Safety enhances performance

  • On release of the driving pedal, the hydrostatic transmission smoothly brakes the truck, for safer, seamless load handling.
  • Hydrostatic power steering ensures totally controlled manoeuvering and with the automatic parking brake contributes to overall safe operation.
  • The mounting of the steer axle is designed to give a low centre of gravity for optimum stability.
  • The clear-view mast provides good visibility to the forks and load for safer handling
  • The rugged overhead guard structure gives maximum protection to the operator.
Turning on the spot
  • This compact truck range with a single, double acting steer axle and smooth hydrostatic transmission enables the truck to work efficiently even in confined areas
  • The heavy duty steering axle has a high level mounting point for optimum stability
  • With an optional particle filter system fitted the truck can be utilised both inside and out.