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Electric Forklift Truck E10

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Below are the technical specs for the Electric Forklift Truck E10:
Unique side standing posture for versatile performance
Whether loading or unloading lorries, stacking in warehouses or undertaking internal transfer duties - the medium duty E10 copes with a variety of tasks. With lift heights up to 5.20 m and capacities up to one ton, a specialised truck is no longer required. 
Take a hard cold look at the benefits.
  • The versatile E10 covers tasks where previously specialised trucks might have been necessary. Loading and unloading on ramps, medium distance load transfer, medium lift storage applications, the E10 soon pays for itself even in operations where utilisation is only for 1-2 hours per day.
  • With basic training the E10 can be used by personnel for whom materials handling is not their main task.
Designed for versatile performance
  • Functional ergonomics. Logically designed multi-control grip and a steering wheel with integrated steering support, enable efficient, fatigue free operation and precision handling.
  • Good acceleration plus excellent manoeuvrability results in minimum cycle times.
  • This is achieved safely with excellent panoramic view due to the optimized mast design, and smooth braking.
Unity of man and machine
  • The logical layout of the multi-function control grip provides a stable hand grip as well as effortless actuation of all controls.
  • It incorporates the accelerator for seamless forward and reverse driving and the lift controls.
  • The steering wheel with integrated steering support and optional steered wheel indicator display makes precise manoeuvring very easy.
  • This also enables the operator to fully concentrate on the task in hand, thus reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring increased productivity.
Manoeuvres on its own axis
  • The narrow and compact chassis design and the short length to fork face, in combination with the turntable axle enable the E10 to perform in very confined places with good turnaround efficiency.
  • The turntable axle combines manoeuvrability with stability, providing safe working in confined working environments.
Safety enhances performance
  • The outstanding ergonomics of the E10 eliminates operator distractions and thus leads to optimum concentration on the job in hand.
  • Three independent braking systems plus a fully hydraulic and kickback-free steering ensure precise control.
  • Thanks to the turntable axle there is no loss of stability in tight turns.
  • The innovative concept of the mast guarantees good visibility to the forks and load.
Continuous use
  • The battery of the E10 can easily be recharged at any conventional socket.
  • Easy access to the battery through a drop side panel enables battery changing to be effected within minutes.
  • Maintenance time for the battery is minimized by the convenient drop side access panel.
Linde is a strong and dependable service partner
  • Fast response times due to comprehensive local service network that covers all regions.
  • A software based diagnostic system and skilled, factory trained service technicians, offer premium service and maintenance.
  • Good accessibility to all servicable parts keeps down-time to a minimum.
  • The electric braking system minimizes wear of the conventional brake linings and extends up-time and utilisation of the equipment.